Who We Are

St. Peter Lutheran Church, founded in 1794, is a congregation of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC). Located in Chapin South Carolina, St. Peter has offered many things to many people as we share God's love together. We are a very active church with christian activities that involve the whole family. At the heart of our ministry is the belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and through him we have God's grace.

There are many opportunities for spiritual growth and nurture at St. Peter. Our ministries provide opportunities for worship, learning, service and fellowship so that all might be strengthened in faith and might grow in Christian discipleship. If you are looking for a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ in a family-oriented congregational setting, we invite you to make St. Peter your church home.

What We Believe

The goal of our ministry is to Expose people to Gods' love, Equip them to Exalt God, Enjoy other believers, and Experience the work of the Church.

About Jesus:
We believe that Jesus has eternally existed as the Son of God. As a part of the narrative story of God's redemption, Jesus became human. In other words, God became one of us. The church describes this as the Incarnation. The redemption narrative, which we call the Bible, continues as Jesus not only becomes human, but is born to a virgin and lives a sinless, perfect life on earth, allowing him to make right everything that had been done wrong in Adam. Jesus chose to die on a cross as a sacrifice for the penalty that should have been ours and his resurrection three days later made new life possible for us in this life and the next. What Jesus did during his time on earth and the character of his being provide a consistent reminder of what we should be about with our lives.

How do I begin a relationship with Jesus and receive this new life?
By confessing your sin to God, putting your trust in Jesus and what His death and resurrection made possible for you, and surrendering your life to God's purposes, you can begin a personal relationship with Jesus. We believe that when we begin that relationship, the Spirit of God enters our being - we call it the Holy Spirit - and that Spirit not only becomes our guide, but it continues the process that began at our point of surrender - moving us from a life of sin to a life where we resemble the person of Jesus Christ.